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Here at CRCommunityProjects we are getting one awesome platform off the ground, every month I will compile all of the contest submitted to our monthly folders here. Be sure to submit your journals into the month prior to your contest! There are some rules for submission that you can look over here.

First I would like to direct you to my last feature here. There are alot of those contests that are still going on! I will go ahead and re-feature a few.

Contest Feature

:omgomg: by nillemotes
Ending December 10th, Yes I know I really don't want to advertise contest focused on original characters and such but this one has a bit more to it. One of our fellow deviants has a son with autism who has lost his enthusiasm for art, she hopes that if someone were to recreate one of his old sketches it would return that spark to his life. There are several pieces of his art meant to inspire you to give life to them, so go check it out. This contest is focused on art and photomanipulation.
:bulletpurple: A special Christmas present - Contest

Ending on December 23rd, A contest for writers of Prosethey are asking you to take your favourite or else a well known Greek Myth and rewrite it as a modern tale. In 5000 words or less please...
:bulletpurple: End of Year Contest: Greek Mythology Retold

Ending on December 30th, your challenge is to Photograph color, there is a two entry limit and the theme is rather self explanatory.
:bulletpurple: Photography Contest: A Celebration of Colour

Ending December 31st, Well where does Santa live? Give it a go, imagine what you think his home would look like and bring it to life in this photomanipulation contest!
:bulletpurple: Santa's home - contest (updated prizes)

Ending December 31st, Your challenge to draw an undead Dragon in another plane of existence, hmm... Can we say my intrest is peaked?
:bulletpurple: The Undead Rise! Horrors Pour From Another Plane!

Ending January 1st, In this one you must choose a deviant and your entry, no matter what you choose to write or draw or animate or well it is all in on this one, must be a gift to that deviant!!!
:bulletpurple: How DA Stole Christmas: Contest

Ending January 20th,  What better way to get attention for your stock than to have a contest where Photomanipulators need to use it to compete! Looks like fun!
:bulletpurple: Unused Stock Contest

Ending January 31st, Yes, King Kong and his women, this art based contest wants to see the story reimagined with a woman... any woman... it could even be you or your woman!
:bulletpurple: King Kong and I contest

:bulletpurple: Are you curious what "Official DA Contests" are currently running? Well click here!

There are even more contests, check out these other Journals I have gathered, advertising multipul contests!
:bulletpurple: Challenges Around DeviantArt: November Feature
:bulletpurple: Contest and Event Promotions (MOAR!!)
:bulletpurple: NEW CONTESTS

Special Circumstance Contests

:love: by CookiemagiK
So I really wanted to advertize for contests that are open to all deviants, but here are a couple that are reserved to certain groups but I have a reason for them being here.

Ending on December 15th, Ok the prizes were just too awsome not to tell you about this one.
:bulletpurple: Christmas Dreams!

Ending on December 24th, I couldn't argue with the cause behind this contest.
:bulletpurple: Contest - FIGHT CANCER WITH ART (Premium+Points)

Ending January 2nd, with awesome prizes!
:bulletpurple: Contest ! Holiday Traditions

:bulletpurple: Here are a few groups you may concider joining for their weekly/monthly contests:
PixelChallenges has a weekly Pixel Art contest.
CRPhotography has a weekly Photography contest.
MARepeatingContests also has a monthly Manga contest

Community Projects

community by iAmoret
 I will also feature a few projects around dA, just so they also get a little more attention.

I would love for you to go and check out this project geared to bring attention to Lung Cancer. Using Art or Literature create a work that shows how you have not been defeated by cancer. I know that many of you have had a friend or family member that has been affected by this horrible disease. It doesn't have to be specific to Lung Cancer either. For each piece they receive, $5.00 will be donated to the Lung Cancer Alliance,. Please note your entries to LadyLincoln, for more information please check out the announcement journal.
:bulletpurple: Lung Cancer Awareness: I Will Not Be Defeated

Write a poem every day for the month of December!
:bulletpurple: DFC 2015 - The HORROR!

Make a holiday card!
:bulletpurple: Holiday Card Project 2015!

Secret Santa Sign up by December 15th!
:bulletpurple: Secret Santa 2015

A continuing art challenge, Sketch This, works through a free app called Sketchbook (you can upgrade it to Pro for just $1.99), meant to inspire those creative minds of yours. I have actually used this app and found it very user friendly. I even submitted to one of their challenges... SPIRIT ANIMAL
:bulletpurple:  Introducing Sketch This: Daily Drawing Challenges

In Closing...

Thank you by hase-illustration
So in summary, if you would like for your contest to be featured by me 
Amarantheans send me a note, but first don't forget to check out my rules. If you think that it meets the criteria for my special features send me a note as well. For all future features I will make them during the last week of the month prior to the contest. You can get your contest journal to me in a note or in the groups folder. Just make sure you put it in the correct month.

:bulletpurple: Oh btw, sometimes I get notifications of contests that have started after my initial posting of my journal. So, go ahead give it a favorite and check back after a week or so to see if any have been added.

Heart by Amarantheans

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