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Contests Around DA: April Edition

Fri Apr 1, 2016, 7:13 AM
Here at CRCommunityProjects, every month I will compile all of the contest submitted to our monthly folders here. Be sure to submit your journals into the month prior to your contest! There are some rules for submission that you can look over here.

First I would like to direct you to my last feature here. There are alot of those contests that are still going on! I will go ahead and re-feature a few.

Contest Feature

:omgomg: by nillemotes

:bulletpurple:Ending April 25th Independent-Manips and The-Imaginarium Challenges you to create a Still life Photomanipulation using only your own stock for resources! 
Rebirth. Still life - Photomanipulation Contest

:bulletpurple: Recently Extended to April 30th Astrikos Praising Life Project, All formats are welcome in this contest, so what brings you joy?
PLP Contest-16,000pts of prizes! DEADLINE EXTENDED

:bulletpurple: Ending April 30th All-about-features challenges you to create a Themed Feature Journal in their contest.
Themed feature contest!

:bulletpurple: Ending April 30th LadyLincoln challenges us to help clean up DA by reporting miscats so that they may be placed into the correct folders. No artistic or literature skill required, just some time and love for DA!
The Great Miscat Race of 2016

Bullet; PurpleEnding May 2nd The-Imaginarium challenges us in a Photomanipulative Gender Swapping Fairy Tale!
Gender bender -  New Photomanipulation Contest

Bullet; Purple Ending June 10th DevNews wants to challenge you to create a DevNews news paper page about events around DA, you don't need to be an artist to participate just check out the rules here:
DevNews 2016 contest ! 

Bullet; Purple Are you curious what "Official DA Contests" are currently running? Well click here!

There are even more contests, check out these other Journals and DA web pages that I have gathered, advertising multipul contests!

TheGalleryOfEve's Master contest list is here!
The Naughty Pirate's Master Contest List
Writers Weekly: Contests, Articles, and Forums

Contests in Need

dA Love by wolf-hat

Bullet; PurpleAmarantheans (that's me) could use more prizes for my, Awareness of the Arts contest!
Help Needed

Bullet; Purple NaNoPlotMo is looking for points to use in their upcoming contest. 
Prompt Chaos: Call for Donations!

Special Circumstance Contests

:love: by CookiemagiK

So I really wanted to advertize for contests that are open to all deviants, but here are a couple that are reserved to certain groups.

Bullet; Purple Here are a few groups you may concider joining for their weekly/monthly contests:
PixelChallenges has a weekly Pixel Art contest.
CRPhotography has a weekly Photography contest.
MARepeatingContests also has a monthly Manga contest.
Traditionalists has Bi-Weekly Traditional Art contest.

Wishing for Participants 

wish by luminoire
dAWishingWell loves to help grant wishes around the community, from wishes of points and memberships to llamas and watchers. Some people also want more attention to be given to their contests, they want to give prizes out but need people to participate!

These contest may not follow my rules for submission into this journal, as some have original characters as a part of their contest so I am not going into great detail on them. I just want to help grant their wish of more exposure to be cast upon their contests.

:bulletpurple:Arichy wishes for points for prizes for next PixelChallenges weeks.
:bulletpurple:Fehnryr wishes for people to participate in, or share their coloring contest.
:bulletpurple:Iduna-Haya wishes for participants in her contest.

Community Projects

community by iAmoret

 I will also feature a few projects around dA, just so they also get a little more attention.

Bullet; Purple dACompliments would love to recive your complements about members of dA. You can leave them anonymous or take credit for them, either way, show your appreciation for someone who has made a difference in your experence here on DA! Here is their latest feature:
DeviantART Compliments #157

:bulletpurple: Would you like to recive some constructive critisim on your work while giving others advice as well then ProjectComment is the place for you.

:bulletpurple: Want to know more about art, photography, literature and even everyday life around DA well look no further than projecteducate!
projecteducate's Blogs

Bullet; Purple Have you ever wanted to suggest a piece of art or literature for a DD and just don't know how to go about it or what the CV is even looking for. Well CRCommunityProjects has gathered each of the CVs Suggestion Guidelines here.

Bullet; Purple Curious about other DA Projects here is a very long list:
Community Projects List

In Closing...

Thank you by hase-illustration

So in summary, if you would like for your contest to be featured by me Amarantheans send me a note, but first don't forget to check out my rules. If you think that it meets the criteria for my special features send me a note as well. For future features I will make them during the last week of the month prior to the contest. There were just so many for Christmas I am publishing this one early. I will make another journal during the last week of November so get your contest journal to me in a note or in the folder. Just make sure you put it in the correct month.

Bullet; Purple Oh btw, sometimes I get notifications of contests that have started after my initial posting of my journal. So, go ahead give it a favorite and check back after a week or so to see if any have been added.

Bullet; PurpleAdded Contests after Original Publication:

:bulletpurple: Here is a list of many contests May Contests 2016

Heart by Amarantheans

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries


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