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PE: Chat and Forum Contests

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 10:00 AM

Welcome to another Chat & Forum projecteducate week.
During this week we will aim to promote involvement and interest in both the chats and forums and this contest will hopefully help provide further incentive to not only get involved but stay involved through-out the week.

This contest will have three different elements and you are welcome to participate in all three, or just one.. just which ever you are most comfortable with.  While we encourage full participation, it is worth noting that these contests are about having fun so if anything makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, feel free to skip it in favor of other events that are more to your liking.


Who doesn't love scuzzles?  Over the past we have observed much success where scuzzles were involved so we felt it was a good way to help get everyone involved in what we have planned for you this week.  

During the week we have multiple events planned, you'll want to participate in and pay attention to as many as possible since there will be scuzzle pieces given out at the end of each (1 piece each day).  

What you'll need to do:
:bulletred:Keep an eye on projecteducate or this journal to stay up to date on which events are happening where and when. You can find the week's schedule at the bottom of this article, and links will be added as they are available.  
:bulletred:Participate in as many (or as few) events as you'd like.  Remeber that one event a day will grant you a piece of the scuzzle.  
:bulletred:Collect as many scuzzle pieces as you are able by Saturday and either note me your put together scuzzle or link me to an image of it (which aready exists on dA).  
All notes with your completed scuzzle must be titled "Scuzzle" and noted to me (Astralseed)

Deadline: Saturday September 6th, 11:59PM PST


Since the goal of this week is to get people more familiar and or comfortable with the chats and forums here on DeviantART, we're asking you to take some time this week to get more intimate with these areas of the site.  
At the end of the week we will have you submit your experiences back to us with prizes up for grabs!

What you'll need to do:
:bulletred:Take this week to familiarize yourself with the chat and forum.  
Feel free to visit as many or as few chats and/or forums as you are comfortable with.  
We highly suggest taking the time to browse a little and trying out different ones.  Don't be afraid to post your own forum thread through-out the week, or maybe even create your own chatroom and invite your friends.
:bulletred:Keep track of your experiences during the week, what forums or chats are you enjoying, howcome, have you made new friends, etc?  
:bulletred:Participating in the events we have scheduled for the week can be seen as bonus points for this challenge.  The challenges are also a lovely place to get started with the chats and forums, just remember to branch out in ways that you are comfortable with and will enjoy.
:bulletred:On Saturday note me (Astralseed) with your experiences.  
Be sure to include any chatrooms or forum threads you've created during the week.  

Deadline: Saturday September 6th, 11:59PM PST

Forum Challenges:

For this we'll want you to pay extra close attention to the challenges posted in the forums this week. We will be scoring you on overall effort of your participation.  

What you'll need to do:
:bulletred:Ideally we'd like to see you participate in all of the forum events we have planned for this week, but we'll also understand if that's not possible.  
:bulletred:Remember that the goal of this week is to relax and have fun while getting to know the chats and forums a bit better.  We will definitely take favor to someone doing just that, rather than forcing yourself through events you're clearly uncomfortable with.  
:bulletred:Keep an eye on projecteducate or this journal to stay up to date on which events are happening where and when. You can find the week's schedule at the bottom of this article, and links will be added as they are available.  
:bulletred:Participate in as many (or as few) events as you'd like.

We will be keeping score on these events so there wont be any need for you to send us any notes in regards to your participation.  


  • 1st place winner in each of the above categories will receive a 3 month Premium Membership
  • We also have a few 1000 points to divide up between participants who have shown us great effort in these events. 

Schedule of events for the week:

Monday 1st September

AM: Contest by Astralseed

Tuesday 2nd September

PM: CHAT: Deviation Hunt by justanothersomeone 8PM PST

Wednesday 3rd September

AM: Forum Interview: FixMeKnow by 3wyl
PM: CHAT: Art Challenges by puddlefisher 12PM PST

Thursday 4th September

AM: FORUM: Scuzzle 
PM: FORUM: Muro Challenge by Anoya
PM: CHAT: Muro Draw Challenge by Erzsabet 6PM PST

Friday 5th September

AM: FORUM: Scavenger Hunt by 3wyl
PM: CHAT: Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament by morbidman187 

Saturday 6th September

AM: CHAT: Trivia by Mrs-Durden 11AM PST
PM: CHAT: Trivia by Mrs-Durden 12PM PST
PM: Chat Interview copperrein by Astralseed

Sunday 7th September

AM: Forum Interview deVere by 3wyl
PM: Chat & Forum PE Week Roundup (Winners Announcement)

Just a note to say that once events go live, they will be linked within the above schedule to help make things easier on those of you participating.

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Come join us for a Community Projects Chat event in #CommunityRelations starting in 10 minutes! 

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