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The CRCP Mentoring Project

Wed Jul 30, 2014, 2:28 PM

Mentoring Project @ CR Community Projects!

Here at CRCommunityProjects, we care about you and the community! 
Welcome to our own project, the Mentoring Project! 

This project aims to pair users who are experienced with projects and certain communities within dA.

There are many benefits to utilizing the mentoring program! Getting a mentor will help you learn more about your art community niche and how to set up projects and promote them effectively; becoming a mentor will help you do something wonderful for the community. Involving yourself in this project will hopefully lead to many lasting friendships! :heart:

Signing Up: 

Obtaining A Mentor

:note: Please note us at CRCommunityProjects with the following: 
Title: Mentor Request
Subject: Genre of art you want to be mentored in. 

We will then match you up with someone else who has applied to be a mentor. :eager:
If there is not a mentor applicant waiting, we will list you below so people can apply to mentor you. 

Becoming A Mentor

:note: Please note us at CRCommunityProjects with the following: 

Title: Mentor Application
  •  Brief description of what kind of mentoring you will be providing. 
  •  Brief list of what projects/groups/etc you're currently involved in. 
  •  Describe what art community or communities you are willing to mentor in. Please tell us only the ones you feel you are both very comfortable and experienced in. [ You want to be able to answer any questions!] 
  •  Quantity of people you are willing to mentor. Try to chose a number that you can comfortably handle. 
  •  Estimate of the amount of time you can invest in this project. 

Please only apply if you are willing to stick with this program in the long run!

Mentor Index

Available, Unpaired Mentors
[Example] username: Experienced in the Traditional + Digital Communities
Max 2 |Currently Mentoring:0

Mentor Requests
[Example] Astrikos is looking for someone who is experienced in Designs & Interfaces Community

List of Pairs

deviant &deviant

:note: If you're having an issue with your mentor or the person you're mentoring, please note us. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us a note!

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Come join us for a Community Projects Chat event in #CommunityRelations starting in 10 minutes! 

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